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iPhone + iPad Repair
We replace cracked screens, faulty LCD/Digitizer panels, home button, speakers and we can replace your iPhone battery. In addition to repairing we also can perform stock panel replacements and color swaps if you want to give your old iPhone a refreshed look.

Spyware and Virus Removal
Is your computer running slow or having system crashes? This is normally a sign of a virual infection on the computer. There are a number of ways your computer can get infected. It could be from an email attachement you received, a file you downloaded from an unknown source or from visiting a website that was exposed to the virus.

Computer Hardware Repair
Are you experiencing issues with your hardware or would you like to replace a component in your computer? Common components that fail over time that may need some attention are computer power supplies, hard drives, DVD or Blu-ray drives and add-on video cards.

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Performance Upgrades
So you aren't quite ready to purchase a new computer but you would really like to boost the speed of your current computer. Performance upgrades are a great way to squeeze the last bit of power from your current machine to hold you over until you are ready to take the leap! Things that we can upgrade to boost the speed of your computer are the RAM, Processor, Hard drive, Video card and/or the power supply.

Data Recovery
Oh no, your computer died and now all your pictures are gone! No need to worry, we can retrieve those for you! With our basic data recovery service we can get those pictures backed up and transfered over to your new computer in no time.

Home Networking
Have a home networking project going on at home but don't have the time to finish? Let us come over and complete the project for you. We can run your network cable drops, install and configure your wired or wireless networks and make sure all devices are connected and functioning as expected.

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